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Looking to consolidate loans or credit cards? Fed up with your Bank? Need some equity out so you can do those renovations and improvements?


Refinancing means that you want, or perhaps need, to renegotiate your existing mortgage. There are some good reasons why you might be considering a refinance of your mortgage.


Refinancing can be for debt consolidation, pay for that long overdue trip, providing a deposit for that investment property or helping the kids into their first home.


  • Go on a holiday

  • Access equity

  • Buy a car

  • Lender dissatisfaction

  • Home improvement

  • Deposit to purchase an investment property

  • Get a lower interest rate

  • Change loan type

  • Personal situation changes

  • Consolidate debt

  • Other:

Have you considered the pros and cons of refinancing?

Would you stay with your lender if they gave you a better rate?

Do you want to extend your remaining loan term?

Have you reminded yourself of the potential costs of refinancing?

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